Who I am

How did I get here?

My coaching journey started in June 2016, when I went to a leadership training in beautiful Terranea, California. Walking along the coast, I talked to a coach for first time in my life and got to know what coaching is. The glimpse of it was enough to draw me in. I'd found my calling, but was afraid to pursue it. My logical mind frantically tried to find evidence that this is the right move. My fear made a million excuses to keep me safe from the unknown. My heart, meanwhile, was tired and didn’t know what to listen to.

“What do you want?” my coach asked me. Confused and surprised, I replied, “I don’t know.” My coach responded, “Who should we ask?” While I was frustrated, the question started to make me reflect my way of thinking, and I realize that I don't need to seek validation from others. The answer is within my heart. For the first time in a long time, trust, courage and wonder became so vividly present.

I took a leap of faith and signed up for the finest coach and leadership training program, Accomplishment Coaching, accredited by International Coach Federation. After a year-long rigorous training, I graduated in January 2018. It was a challenging and rewarding year, during which I experienced significant personal transformation, found enormous amount of joy, built intimate and authentic relationships, and discovered my purpose on the planet – be in service of others and change people’s lives. I want to share that gift to the world.

What else?

I have lived in Beijing and Nanjing in China, Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C. in the States, and now call Toronto my new home. I am fluent with Mandarin and English. Spanish is the next on my list to learn. My experience of living in two different environments and cultures enables me to be flexible and dynamic in my own life and with my clients.

I love travelling. I am genuinely humbled and inspired by mother nature. I want to be a world citizen, living in all parts of the world, and connecting and supporting people anywhere and everywhere.

I have Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Master of Science in Accounting. I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). My analytical thinking brain and creative artistic mind allow me to be curious with my clients, think outside the box while noticing detailed changes.

I am a runner. I have run two half-marathons and a few 10K races. I like anything physically challenging. You will find me doing bootcamp outside with my group at 5:30 in the morning.


I am an adventurous eater who enjoys tasty gourmet and loves the creativity in cooking. Healthy diet and regular exercise is the lifestyle I choose which empowers my greatest being.

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