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About Hang

I am a professional life and leadership coach, Certified Public Accountant, marathon runner, and world traveler, who supports high performers to achieve holistic successes.


I believe in people, their internal power and wisdom. The world will be a better place if we all live a life that reflects our value and desire. It is such an honor and privilege to be a coach and mentor for my clients to support them in creating and living the life they want.


Personal development is a journey. I am constantly practicing what I preach, and continuously learning and growing with my clients. In my practice, I leverage a variety of professional trainings as well as my first-hand experience:


  • Training and certification from Accomplishment Coaching, an accredited coaching training program by International Coach Federation

  • Training and certification from Team Coaching Studio

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by International Coaching Federation

  • Leadership experience in a top public accounting firm and ten years work experience in Accounting and Consulting industries

  • Years of experience as a group exercise instructor and workshop facilitator

  • Ongoing practice of mindfulness and meditation

  • Personal study and practice of body mind connections and somatic coaching


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Fun Facts

RnR Half Marathon3.jpg

I am an avid runner. I finished the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in Arlington Virginia in 2016, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 2017, and the Scotiabank Waterfront Full Marathon in Toronto Ontario in 2019.


I have learned countless valuable lessons from running, and integrated what I have learned into my coaching practice.

My Story

I had it all. At least it was how it looked like on the outside.


I was a manager at one of the big four public accounting firms in the US. I made a good living, had an amazing team, and was considered to be a rising star. Professional recognition. Busy social life. Occasional travels and parties. I should be happy, right?


But I was not. In fact, I felt empty inside. 


I felt unfulfilled, unsatisfied and stuck. I wanted to change but didn’t know how. I thought about a million different options but was too afraid to start. You know, the usual excuses: I didn’t have the time. I had been working in this profession for so long and this was the only thing I knew. I was getting old. What if my new adventure didn’t turn out well? It felt safe to live a predictable life than to try and fail.


Until I met my coach. Three months after working with him, I decided to immerse myself into the study and began my year-long rigorous coach and leadership training. The experience made me realize how my limited belief had stopped me from trusting myself, and found the strength and courage that was long lost but always within me. 

To follow my heart and pursue the life I dreamed, I quit my full time job and became a full time Life Coach; moved to Toronto in service of my coaching business, and co-founded Life Incubator to support millennials through coaching. More than a thousand community members have engaged with us within the first year.


I am providing a variety of coaching services to help my clients create the life they want. I am proud of what we have achieved.

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