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Matija Kamikovski, CFA

Head of Finance at Tread

Hang has all of the attributes of a great mentor and life coach! She listens in a very non-judgmental manner and is not prescriptive when giving advice. Instead, she creates an atmosphere that encourages people to share and reflect and, through doing so, to uncover for themselves those 'aha' moments that accompany valuable discoveries.


I have attended several group life coaching session hosted by Hang and found them valuable in exploring challenging every day topics, such as stress, fear, and self-doubt. These sessions leave the participants with lessons that are almost immediately applicable, and are also a great avenue through which to get to know others. This is all facilitated by Hang's professional and personable demeanor.


Lingnan Cui

UC Berkeley, Hass School of Business

Previously worked as CGTV White House Correspondent, Multimedia Journalist and Producer

I started to work with Hang when I was in the middle of my career transition -- from a TV journalist to a MBA student and a business woman in the future. It was a difficult time for me as I was constantly experiencing self-doubt, under time pressure and juggling competing priorities.


Hang encouraged me to dig deeper and helped me connect what I am doing with my value which motivated me to move forward. She listened with compassion and asked challenging questions from a place of love. She was always patient, professional, unassuming and diligent. The weekly practice we co-created allowed me to stay on track of my projects and fundamentally shifted my perspectives. 


Saia Yang

Life Coach & Artist

Hang asks great questions to really get me digging into the depths of my mind, the thoughts I wasn't aware of. It was a surprise to learn what I really valued instead of what I thought I did. Knowing myself better in this way allowed me to take the right actions to better support my well being. This wouldn't have happened without Hang's openness, patience, and the fact that she gives me all the time and space to talk and put my thoughts together. No other coach has made me feel so safe and comfortable.


Alex Banman

Owner at LineAndGrid Design

From the first time I met Hang I could tell that she is a perceptive and caring person. This was reflected in our work together, where she helped me get clarity over key issues that were plaguing my everyday work life. I really like how she offers valuable insights about how to take positive action and actually see change in your life, not just uncover problems. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to gain clarity and move forward in life with confidence/happiness. Thank you Hang! 


Trinity Zhang

Director of Development and Operations at George Brown College Foundation​​

Before working with Hang, I was at a tricky place in my career, feeling confused about what is next. I debated and struggled with some of the thoughts and questions for months before I talked to Hang, and she was able to shed some light on my challenges. It was an intense and thought-provoking experience, to say the least. Hang took the time to understand my objectives, concerns and situations, and she checked in with me once every while. I felt challenged and enlightened without any pressure and judgement that I often felt.


Tyler Miller

Associate at Sands Capital Ventures

Working with Hang allowed me to learn things about myself that I’d never reflected on previously. Hang’s warm, honest and responsive way of asking questions allowed her to steer the conversation when necessary while leaving me enough space to explore new ideas as we went. My conversations with Hang have made me more understanding of things in my life I should accept as they are and those I should seek to change. Overall, having a nonjudgmental place to let my thoughts wander freely opened my eyes to things I was peripherally aware of, but never truly sure of.


Dorothy Yin, CPA

Digital Risk Solution Data Analytics Senior Associate, PwC

I started to work with Hang when I wanted to make a career transition. I thought my goal was really clear and the only thing I needed to solve was my ‘laziness’. Working with Hang made me realize my bigger WHY, and because of that, I adjusted my plan from finding a new job immediately to exploring what I really wanted. Also I started to recognize my own patterns and behaviors: the 'clear' goal was just a general direction without actionable steps; the so-called ‘laziness’ was my default way of putting other things first and not giving myself enough time for what was important for me. Those insights allowed me to move forward with my career transition with much clarity and speed.


Maddie Cao

Middle Office Operations Specialist at HSBC

Hang pointed out the things that I had been avoiding for the longest time. Our conversation helped me discover what I really want in my life. The coaching experience was enlightening. It was a turning point for me to find my passion and take back control of my life. Hang's encouragement always warms my heart and supports me moving forward. Her reflection guided me to start thinking about the roots of my issues.  Hang is an excellent life coach, who supported my development and growth every step along the way. 

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