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Friendly Conversation

Individual Coaching

My coaching will support you to

  • Get clarity around the visions and goals for your life

  • Build concrete action plans for your desired results

  • Create supportive accountability structures to keep you moving forward

  • Discover and remove the obstacles standing in your way

  • Cultivate confidence and resilience in the face of challenges


What you will get

  • 7 hours of coaching sessions (we will jointly decide the frequency)

  • Customized action plans that turn realization into reality

  • Daily practice to build new awareness and shift mindset

  • Tools, exercises, book recommendations that support you achieving your goals

  • Spot coaching for the “I need support now” moments

  • Networking opportunities and social connections to expedite your progress for success


Your investment = $1,500 CAD

Team Coaching

Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” Teams are and will be more vital than ever to organizations and their successes. At the same time, they are facing unprecedented challenges. How to build trust and connections virtually? How to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds? How to collaborate across locations and time zones? How to make the right decisions as a team when facing challenges and uncertainties?


We help teams increase awareness, improve efficiency and collaboration, and unleash their potentials, so they can achieve their collective goals.


Team coaching supports teams to

  • Identify their purpose and meaning which orient the teams in a shared direction

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities, and create structures for supportive accountability

  • Deepen relationships and trust within teams and with different stakeholders

  • Improve communication, collaboration, and ability to work through challenges and ambiguity

  • Create effective ways for decision making and problem solving

  • Maximize their performance, effectiveness, and potentials


Team coaching programs are tailored to the teams’ needs.

It often includes but not limited to

  • Interviews and/or team assessments which provide a baseline for improvement

  • Program design based on the teams’ goals, dynamics and development areas

  • Coaching sessions with specific topics for the teams to learn through discussions and practices

  • Live action sessions where coaches observe team meetings and provide feedback

  • Final review to reflect on accomplishments and progress, while identifying actions and next steps

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