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Life and Leadership Coaching

I help high performers, leaders and entrepreneurs cultivate leadership mindset, turn breakdowns into breakthroughs, and overcome obstacles to success. My coaching service empowers go-getters, entrepreneurs, and world changing innovators, people who are just like you, to create and live a holistic life. 

Hello I am Hang!

I am a professional life coach, co-founder of Life Incubator, avid runner, passionate writer and world traveler whose mission is to bring more freedom, creativity, joy and connections to people in the world.


I partner with my clients to develop strategies, build action plans, increase awareness, and promote new behavior.


Together we remove constraints, so you can unleash your potential.




Matija Kamikovski, CFA

Head of Finance at Tread

Hang creates an atmosphere that encourages people to share and reflect and, through doing so, to uncover for themselves those 'aha' moments that accompany valuable discoveries.

Lingnan Cui

UC Berkeley,  former CGTV White House Correspondent

Hang was always patient, professional, unassuming and diligent. The weekly practice we co-created allowed me to stay on track of my projects and fundamentally shifted my perspectives. 

Saia Yang

Life Coach & Artist

Hang asks great questions to really get me digging into the depths of my mind, the thoughts I wasn't aware of. It was a surprise to learn what I really valued instead of what I thought I did.

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