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My coaching vision -- inspired by Dan Barber

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

My Coaching vision -- inspired by Dan Barber, make coaching known, making coaching accessible,

Recently I started to watch Chef’s Table, a documentary of top chef’s stories: their creativity and inspiration behind the cuisines, their growth and development as a chef, and their personal lives in childhood and currently. The delicate, beautiful cuisines offer no lack of fascination, but what captivated me more is the chef’s personality and vision. Of all these amazing chefs one person jumps out: Dan Barber.

If you look up Dan, you will find a series of glories next to his name: owner of the renowned Blue Hill restaurant in Manhattan; author of bestseller The Third Plate; member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports and Nutrition for President Obama; and recipient of various James Beard Awards. He is not only a chef who can cook the most well-decorated and delicious dishes, but is a visionary, who wants to change the culinary and agriculture industries. Dan believes that organic local farming produces the most natural and tasty food. He also promotes the idea that human beings can and should live with nature in a mutually respective way. And he strives to use his power as chef to make these ideas a reality – an all-encompassing farm-to-table revolution. Putting aside whether it is too idealistic, his vision is downright inspiring. I remember Dan said in the show that he doesn’t know if this revolution will happen in his life time but, he remarked, if you are thinking about an idea that can be solved in your lifetime, maybe you are thinking too small. I still remember the look in his eyes and, at that very moment, I started to wonder what my vision-beyond-lifetime is.

Coaching is my passion. I want to be an amazing coach who transforms people’s lives but what else? What is the beyond-lifetime mission that’s worth my energy, dedication, heart and soul? Something started to surface. I want to make coaching accessible to everyone. Coaching should not be a privilege of the executives, the C-suites, because that is where the money is; it should be a service that everyone has access to when needed! I believe that everyone is the leader of his/her life. We deserve to live in a world that everyone truly enjoys what they are doing and lives to their fullest potential. That is a world full of joy, creativity, play, connection, and love: anything and everything you ever want. Can you imagine that? That would be just absolutely beautiful. I want to be part of that process and the catalyst of that chemical reaction.

I don’t know how we will get there. I don’t have a roadmap to follow, but I am creating one. It involves education, training, personal development, collaboration, and probably tons of pieces I can’t think of now. But to start, coaching needs to be known. A lot of people don’t know what coaching is, or even if they think they do, they have misconceptions or don’t know the entirety of coaching. Therefore, I am starting this blog series about coaching and how it has changed my life to educate people and share its power. I would love to hear your feedback and comments, and would appreciate you spreading the word. We are in this together!

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