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Working with Hang was a really amazing experience for me. I had been circling around the same issues for a while, and even I was tired of my excuses on why I wasn't moving forward on certain career/creative pursuits. Hang listened intently and asked really powerful questions that helped reframe my tired narrative. She has a unique ability to make people feel heard and safe, while still pushing us out of our comfort zones. Since working with her, I've become much more aware of how I interact with the world, and pulled the trigger on some major life changes I had been putting off. -- Ann L., Washington, D.C.


... unique ability to make people feel heard and safe ...


... asked challenging questions from a place of love ...

I started to work with Hang when I was in the middle of my career transition - from a TV journalist to a MBA student and a business woman in the future. It was a difficult time for me as I was constantly experiencing self-doubt, under time pressure and juggling competing priorities. Hang encouraged me to dig deeper and helped me connect what I am doing with my value which motivated me to move forward. She listened with compassion and asked challenging questions from a place of love. She was always patient, professional, unassuming and diligent. The weekly practice we co-created allowed me to stay on track of my projects and fundamentally shifted my perspectives. -- Lingnan C., Arlington, VA

I participated in one of Hang's group coaching sessions, and it was a wonderful experience! If you're like me and have no real experience with coaching (or if you aren't really sure what it is), a group session with Hang is a great way to get your toes wet. She creates a very open and relaxed environment where participants feel comfortable sharing ideas and experiences with one another. I thought the group setting brought a variety of perspectives to the table and opened my eyes to new ideas and ways of thinking.  Hang allows space for ideas and conversation to flow, but knows exactly when to introduce new ideas or ask questions to push everyone further.  A group coaching session with Hang is a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of a topic and to learn how to implement new goals and practices into your life. -- Emily T., McLean, VA


... open my eyes to new ideas and ways of thinking ...


... facilitates truthful conversations between strangers...

I attended multiple Hang’s workshops and all of them are amazing! She engages everyone in the group and facilitates truthful conversations between strangers. Her workshops are a safe haven to converse about not only about my thoughts, but to open up perspective on where I want my life to be. She makes me think deeper and look into what my true goals are and how I can reach that goal by taking actions. I am incredibly grateful for the impact you have made in my life. Thanks Hang! -- Joyce K., McLean, VA

Working with Hang allowed me to learn things about myself that I’d never reflected on previously. Hang’s warm, honest and responsive way of asking questions allowed her to steer the conversation when necessary while leaving me enough space to explore new ideas as we went. My conversations with Hang have made me more understanding of things in my life I should accept as they are and those I should seek to change. Overall, having a nonjudgmental place to let my thoughts wander freely opened my eyes to things I was peripherally aware of, but never truly sure of.  -- Tyler M., Washington, D.C.


... allow me to learn things about myself that I'd never reflected on...

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