Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Group coaching is your opportunity to turn your dreams into reality: powerfully design the new chapter of your career, and take bold actions to achieve your goals.


In this six-month program, Pan Tang and Hang Zhao will guide you to refine your vision, create a concrete plan, coach you to overcome obstacles and provide massive accountability support to fulfill your dreams.


This is a group of heart-centered, community-oriented people around the world who want to make a difference in their own lives and for the lives of other people in the world. 

Who is this program for?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your career and not fulfilled? You are dreading going to work; all the ‘achievement’ is not enough to fill the hole in your soul; and your inner voice is screaming at you to STOP!

  • Do you have a dream, but don’t know if you can ever turn it into reality? You are waiting for the perfect time, people, opportunity, etc. etc. etc. but it seems that it never comes; and you are tired of waiting!

  • Do you start something new and exciting and then face challenges and obstacles bigger than you had imagined? You start to doubt yourself, your ability and talent, and don’t know if you can actually make it. 

  • Are you craving for connection, community, and support from like-minded people? You are up for something big and you know that you can’t do it yourself. You are searching for a safe place to share, discuss and create. 

  • If you answered YES to ANY of the above question, our program is for you!

Meet your coaches

Pan Tang

Pan Tang is a Life & Career Coach that specializes in creating transformation in the lives of millennials who want more. Pan guides her clients to successfully unleash their authentic power through coaching that develops meaningful relationships, creates clarity in their career and allows them to discover the life they love.  Pan, born in China, got her Masters in Actuarial science from Columbia University and worked 5+ years in actuarial related roles in the insurance industry, including a startup, established consulting firm, and a reinsurance company. Later she transformed herself into a life coach, empowering people to make their dream life a reality. Read more about Pan on her website at

Hang Zhao

Hang Zhao is a professional Life and Leadership Coach, a Certified Public Accountant, a change maker, a relationship builder and a people magnet. Before getting into the coaching world, she spent almost a decade in accounting and consulting industries, and worked as an Internal Audit Manager in PwC at Washington D.C. Now, she supports people to find their passion, empower their leadership gift, and build authentic relationships. She works one-on-one with individuals to cultivate deep connections, as well as with groups to build supportive communities. Hang designs and facilitates workshops on topics related to personal transformation and leadership development. Hang believes in people’s power and internal wisdom, and is committed to supporting people living to their fullest potential. Read more about Hang on her website at

What will you receive?
  • An orientation call before the program starts;

  • A total of eighteen 75 minutes group calls in the six months period (three group calls per month);

  • Six 30 minutes individual calls in the six months period (one one-on-one call per month);

  • A private FB group with your fellow members, Pan and Hang for support and connections; 

  • Access to a private What’s App group so you can reach out to people instantly; and

  • Tools, exercises and practice areas covered during the coaching calls.

Detailed Structure

Month 1: Value and inspiration

What is your passion? What inspires you? What makes you flow? Knowing yourself: your core values, your interests and your strength will provide a compass to design the life you want to live and the next step you want to take.


Month 2: Roadmap for creation

What is your vision? What is your commitment? How about milestones and action plans? Project Design is a powerful tool to declare the results you want to achieve with your vision in mind, set up milestones to stay on track, and make tangible plans for taking bold actions. We will stay beside you and hold you accountable!


Month 3: Unstoppable Actions

What are you committed to? How aligned are you? Are you taking bold actions to actualize your dreams? We will dig deep into where you are choosing from on daily basis, what stops you and how we can create structures to be unstoppable.


Month 4: Powerful Leadership

As leaders, we enroll people into our vision, we build partnerships for collaboration and we create connections for success. We will identify the missing puzzle in your leadership, expand your network and visibility, and build authentic relationships everywhere in life. 

Month 5: Holistic Success

When we are busy, the first thing we throw out the window is our well-being; then our relationships start to get out of whack; and we don’t have time to play or have fun. Sounds familiar? Where are you experiencing the power leak? How does it affect you? We will look at the symptoms and discover the cause. Together we will create a system to get the energy flowing again and support you to experience holistic success in all facets in your life.


Month 6: Massive Support

Tying everything all together! In the last month we will amp up the game, leverage the brilliance of each other and get the most value out of the group. Also we will challenge each other to expand and grow, so we will generate unpredictable results.


Your investment: six monthly payment of $500 (US dollars) / $650 (Canadian dollars) or one payment of $2,500 (US dollars) / $3,250 (Canadian dollars)

Time: October 2019 to March 2020 (specific time will be determined before the program starts)

Please contact Pan ( or Hang ( to register the program


If you have any questions about the program, please leave you contact information HERE and we will reach out to you shortly!