Living Lab

What is Living Lab?

Living Lab is a place for you to discover your passion, design your life and take bold actions for making your dream come true. During the six-month program, I will guide you through the process of discovering your dream; I will work with you to create a concrete plan; I will partner with you to overcome obstacles and provide massive accountability support for you to achieve your goals.

Living Lab is for you if you
  • Feel stuck in your career.

  • You don’t enjoy what you are doing and don’t know the way out.

  • Want to understand yourself better. What makes your heart sing and how have you sabotaged your own successes?

  • Often find yourself on the edge of making a leap, but never take action.

  • Want to live a whole life and enjoy all the gifts that it offers.

  • Crave for community, accountability and support from like-minded people.

  • Want to generate more speed and power in your next big thing.

  • Are open to receive and to give.

What will you receive?
  • An orientation call before the program starts;

  • Twelve 75 minutes group calls in the six months period (two group calls per month);

  • Six 30 minutes individual calls in the six months period (one one-on-one call per month);

  • A private WhatsApp group with your fellow members and me for support and connections; and

  • Tools, exercises and practice areas covered during the coaching calls.

What does the Living Lab program look like?

Month 1: Value and inspiration
What is your passion? What inspires you? What makes you flow? Knowing yourself: your core values, your interests and your strength will provide a compass to design the life you want to live and the next step you want to take.
Month 2: Project Design
What is your vision? What is your commitment? How about milestones and action plans? Project Design is a powerful tool to declare the results you want to achieve with your vision in mind, set up milestones to stay on track, and make tangible plans for taking bold actions. Your fellow members and I will stay beside you and hold you accountable!
Month 3: Commitment
What are you committed to? How aligned are you? Do the actions and results reflect your commitment? We will dig deep into where you are choosing from on daily basis, what stops you and how we can create structures to be unstoppable.
Month 4: Well-being
When we are busy, the first thing we throw out the window is our well-being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. Sounds familiar? Where are you experiencing the power leak? How does it affect you? We will look at the symptoms and discover the cause. Together we will create a system to get the energy flowing again.
Month 5: Money and Time
What is your relationship with money? What about time? How would life be different if you get to enjoy an abundance of money and time? What would that require of you and call forth? We will discover how your mindset might have blocked you from generating the abundance you desire in your life and how we can actually have it all.
Month 6: Relationship
Tying everything all together! In the last month we will discuss relationship. How are you relating to your coworkers and your boss? What about your families, your partner and your friends? And yourself? Also we will amp up the game, leverage the brilliance of each other and get the most value out of the group.


​Your investment: six monthly payment of $300 (US dollars) / $400 (Canadian dollars) or one payment of $1,500 (US dollars) / $2,000 (Canadian dollars)
Time: February 2019 to July 2019 (specific time will be determined before the program starts)

About Me

My name is Hang (pronounced Hong) Zhao. I am a professional Life and Leadership Coach, a Certified Public Accountant, a change maker, a relationship builder and a people magnet.
After spending a decade in accounting and consulting industries, I found my calling in coaching. I’ve designed my own life and made it come true: living in a diverse city, Toronto, and doing something I absolutely enjoy, coaching!

I partner with professionals to find their passion, empower their leadership gift, and build authentic relationships. Combining deep compassion and sharp coaching capability, I create a safe haven for exploration, provide honest reflection and challenge from a position of love and support so my clients can reach their fullest potentials. Living Lab has been designed based on my experience working with professionals to create success and facilitating workshops to build communities. 
I believe that the world will be a much better place if we all can do what we love. So let’s not just tolerate and survive the chaos of daily life, but embrace our power and brilliance, and create something that is uniquely beautiful for every single one of us!


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